-  WHO WE ARE  -

The taste and ambiance we provide is elicit, forgotten elegance—noodle craftsman's hospitality.




"Tsuru"—The sound of slurping noodles

"Ton"—The sound of kneading and shaping udon

"Tan"—The sound of cutting udon


These three sounds embody the spirit of our finest, handmade udon.


Our wish is to be a place for everyone to gather, where our artisanal big bowls of udon bring excitement, surprise and smiles to all of our guests. Along with our great hospitality and service, we strive to create a pleasurable experience for our guests by providing various selections of Japanese food for all.




The original founder of TsuruTonTan, from Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku, opened the first authentic, handmade udon restaurant, "Honke Sanuki," in Souemon Cho, Osaka in 1979. The founder's strong passion to pursue even more authentic handmade udon and the success of the first restaurant lead to the opening of the  "TsuruTonTan—Noodle Craftsman's Hospitality" in 1989. 


TsuruTonTan is known for its refined presentation, its extensive research for different types of udon from all over Japan and culmination of an original blend of flour and techniques. Believing that the bowls play a major role in creating unique dishes, the owner himself traveled to numerous famous potteries such as Bizen and Tachikui in order to find the best bowls for udon.


Aromatic bonito flakes, savory kombu kelp, locally grown vegetables and meats are carefully chosen to showcase the highest quality noodles. With strong passion, curiosity and persistent mindset, we bring innovative dishes to our customers. Since the first restaurant opening 25 years ago, TsuruTonTan have steadily expanded and currently operate 5 restaurants in Kanto region and 7 restaurants in Kansai region.


In 2016, we are proud to debut our first international location in Union Square, New York, USA.




Udon is one of the oldest noodle dishes in Japan. About 1200 years ago, Udon was first introduced by Kukai, a Buddhist monk, to the Sanuki prefecture in Japan. Recognized as one of the national dishes of Japan, udon noodles have been a staple of Japanese cuisine for a very long time.


Udon noodles are made by mixing flour with lightly salted water, then kneading, stretching and cutting the dough into thin strips. It is not only an every day dish, but also a festive dish to celebrate special occasions in Japan.


Udon noodles are interesting and profound cuisine that can be enjoyed in a variety of styles. Udon noodles can be served in a bowl, on a dish, on a bamboo sieve and in a hotpot. Different regions of Japan have their own unique styles of cooking udon noodles with various toppings.